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Fm 14 barcelona tactic

Barcelona Tiki-Taka plug and play. Tested only with Barcelona. I highly recommend letting the tactic get fully fluid and if you lose a few games or. Tactics · Share & Download FM 14 Tactics; Barcelona Tiki-Taka!. A consistent Barcelona tactic for Football Manager that promises high pressing and successful closing down, high possession, lots of. Since the other thread got closed before I could post my stuff, here goes: I have some troubles setting up Barca to play like Barca. I first tried to.

FM Barcelona tactic - Re-creating the Tiki-Taka in Football Manager , a FM 14 tactic that ensures possession and lots of goals in. The Football Manager Barcelona tiki taka tactics looks to give you both a .. better for the outcome of the match (attack through zone 14). Steam Workshop: Football Manager FC Barcelona can be titled as the most successful club in the 21th century, at least so far. Between.

FM14 Barcelona tactic available, courtesy of Work The Space. Tested it with Arsenal, here's how it went. Big part of the success is Barcelona Tiki-Taka tactic. I have been testing out a Check out our FM 14 January transfer update · Barcelona.