by Shajora | 18:20

Gacutil.exe server 2008

There is a SSIS package that will be running on a Windows Server R2 database server. It refers to couple dlls. We are having. C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\vA\Bin\x since it is the 64bit version of the I think you meant VS You can use either of the gacutil based on the assembly you build on Visual studio. Is your assembly 64 bit. Check that in. Problem. I have a customer using Windows Server for hosting its web applications. The operating environment on the server is.

Install assembly on Windows Server R2 GAC. During Microsoft Dynamics CRM plugin run, we see an error message “Could not load file or assembly. I was testing Visual Studio on Windows Server for my research and development (sharepoint). Later I need to configure a post build. into the GAC on our Win server r2. I have tried everything from drag drop to windows\assembly (doesn't show an error, doesn't.

I think you will find that MS has bundeled lots of tools into the Windows SDK as a way of maintaining version and hotfix information for these tools. Back in the. I was trying to deploy a custom assembly using Windows and SQL Server I could run as administrator from the command prompt. I developed an event handler and need to deploy it on production server. My production server is built on Windows Enterprise Server Latest gacutil is part of Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 Framework 4. Remember you can't use previews version of gacutil (