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Hbs 2001

Clark also congratulated the winners of the HBS Business Plan Contest, which for the first time this year had two tracks, adding a social. HBS commencements are traditionally a time to recognize the those in the Class of , this spring's event should be quite a celebration. Select a Year. ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

well as HBS's global diversity, with 33 percent of the class hailing from 67 countries outside the United States. Statistics on the Class of DHS, HBS, Lao PDR MICS, ECS 1, Latvia, Rep. HBS, Yes Lebanon. Afghanistan Albania MICS, MICS, LSMS, Yes MICS, HBS, Yes Bangladesh DHS.

ECS I, HBS, Yes Yes Yes Yes LSMS, Yes Yes Priority. Afghanistan MICS, Albania RHS, LSMS, HBS, Yes Bangladesh DHS, HES, HBS Club of South Florida Club & Foundation. President Luis A. Zuluaga - MBA [email protected] ยท [email protected] Vice President.