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Mulan jr script pdf

ZHANG. And historic battles. LAOZI. But most importantly, it is a story of Honor LIN. Of Loyalty ZHANG. Of Strength Mulan JR. -- Student Book. Mulan JR. Murray Shaw, Juleen, "Direction of the Musical: Mulan, Jr" (). Graduate Student Projects. Paper 3. . Approved Script - Mulan Jr. Documents Similar To Mulan. Shrek Junior Script. Uploaded by. HSelmon Uploaded by. Juran Jones. Annie .

Based on Disney's Oscar-nominated film, ​Disney's Mulan JR.​ ​is a action, humor and heart, ​Disney's Mulan JR. . You may use lyrics and the script. Based on Disney's Oscar-‐nominated film, Disney's Mulan JR. is a Acting: Please learn one of the short script pieces (see below) to present. Based on Disney's Oscar-nominated film, Disney's Mulan JR. is a heartwarming celebration of culture, honor and the fighting spirit. With hit songs and a story.

Mulan Jr. performs on LCT's Learning Stage February 21st through March MOVEMENT SKILLS — do you perform the stage directions indicated in your script?. MULAN JR. CHARACTER BREAKDOWN. ENSEMBLE. The Ensemble provides sound effects throughout the show, but also steps into the action when needed. Mulan Jr. Cast List. Ancestor Laozi Billy Bajorek. Magyar Carli Yoakum. Ancestor Yun Faith Ziegenfelder. Subar-Tu Abigail Wallace. Ancestor Lin Brooke Arnold. Divine Redeemer Catholic School Performing Arts announces auditions for Disney's. Mulan Jr. This cast requires 3 lead males and 1 lead.