by Dolrajas | 19:25

Naenara browser

Naenara is a North Korean intranet web browser software developed by the Korea Computer Center for use of the national Kwangmyong intranet. Naenara Browser is the DPRK's version of Firefox that comes built into Red Star OS, the official operating system of North Korea. I recently got. About Political, economic, cultural and all other affairs in the DPRK.

[Robert] has been snooping around Naenara in order to learn more about how North Korea's intranet might work. Naenara is the web browser. North Korea's Naenara browser routes all of the country's traffic through one IP address and censors users' actions. Inside North Korea's Naenara Browser. Up until a few weeks ago, the number of people outside of North Korea who gave much thought to the Internet.

Dubbed Red Star OS, it comes fully loaded with North Korea's very own Naenara web browser. In the wake of the recent North Korean attacks on Sony, the. Website Malware Removal Service Inside North Korea's Naenara Browser. Naenara Browser (RedStar Desktop) - 'JACKRABBIT' Client-Side Command Execution. CVE Local exploit for Linux.