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Netflix links greasemonkey

Links on Netflix - IMDB, Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes - Add search links to Netflix titles I got around the now lack of Netflix API by checking the boxes that popup . greasemonkey script to create links on Netflix to search on the website - mvd81/greasemonkey-netflix-search-trakt. Greasemonkey script for Chrome, Firefox, Safari: export your rated Netflix movies Right-click on this GitHub link to the script's raw source code and select Save.

Firefox with Greasemonkey: Download Netflix "Watch Now" videos straight to your hard drive with the Netflix Download Links Greasemonkey. There are other Greasemonkey scripts that do some similar type things this script does like adding Netflix links next to movie names on the. Adds Netflix search links to IMDb pages. [Remotely hosted version](http://

A Firefox Greasemonkey script to automate the process of at work so my wife can watch at home where we have a much slower connection. Adam of Lifehacker found this pretty slick way of allowing Netflix it's definitely against the spirit of Netflix's streaming movie feature. Download Netflix Watch Now Movies Easy-Like with Netflix Download Links. Firefox with Greasemonkey: Download Netflix "Watch Now" videos straight to your hard. It's hard to find good scripts these days. I'd really like to find one that puts a link to imdb and/or rottentomatoes ratings. I used to have one. This script is a hack of another Greasemonkey script by Ed Hager that adds Netflix links to IMDb from He did all the.