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Nulldc psp

4 May - 7 min - Uploaded by TheRealPSPdemon Heres another vid this time of Powerstone! the speed is actually quite bearable so i played a. 5 May - 6 min - Uploaded by TheRealPSPdemon Just wanting to show a comparison of shenmue to the old build. It doesnt go ingame still. Has anyone heard anything new about the NullDC emulator running on a PSP? I can't find any updates, and I'd think the PSP is about the best.

"The old ('fat') psp just doesn't have the ram space needed" to make on the last revision of the code, nullDC on the PSP continues to be a. Hey all, I was looking for a download or the source code to nullDC for PSP. I know for a fact it exists, because there are videos of it here and. This video shows it running about 1fps, I don't know if it advanced beyond that: YouTube - nullDC/PSP (DOA2LE;INGAME;SLOW).

i was wondering why isn't there any thread about nulldc on psp since raz has annunced that he will start working on one for the psp lite in the. Posted the updated video finally. (although it was really crappy quality) So here is the new video of the new build:icon_bigg (if anyone cares. nullDC is an open source Sega Dreamcast and NAOMI emulator for Windows, developed by drk||Raziel (currently under the nickname skmp) and ZeZu. It was. Starving for news about the PSP Slim port of the nullDC Sega Dreamcast emulator for PC? drkIIRaziel, the dev working on the port, has posted.