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Oracle rdbms server 11gr2 preinstall rpm package

Using the Oracle RDBMS Server 11gR2 Pre-install RPM, you can complete most of the pre-installation The pre-install package is available for x86_64 only. The oracle-rdbms-servercR1-preinstall and oracle-rdbms-servergR2- preinstall RPM packages are accessible through the Oracle. Oracle PreInstall RPM for Oracle Linux is one the biggest benefits of 12c Agent, EBS R12, and Oracle Database 11gR2/12c installations.

Next, install the oracle-rdbms-servergR2-preinstall RPM using the yum install and then downloads and installs the required packages. Oracle Linux Preinstall Packages available for 11gR2 and 12cR1. Every so often After the installation of the oracle-rdbms-server-*-preinstall RPM, you can Install the oracle-rdbms-servergR2-preinstall package as the root user.

Does Redhat have any plans on building such a package? The document Oracle Database 11g Release 2 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. . I want to install the Oracle Preinstall RPM, but of course the package is only available from Oracle so . 年4月2日 Oracle RDBMS Server 11gR2 Preinstall RPM For Oracle Linux 6 RPM包,该 oracle-rdbms-servergR2-preinstall package专门为Oracle. oracle-rdbms-servergR2-preinstallel6.x86_rpm Mar K .. List packages required by the RPM: [root ~]# rpm.