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Weihrauch hw77 manual

Downloads. Please feel free to download our Weihrauch catalogues and manuals here. CATALOGUES. Weihrauch Sport Titelbild Katalog_Stand . HW77 Owner's Manual. Operating Instructions. Do not force when using the gun especially during cocking and closing operations. During the cocking operation. HW77K/HW97K MANUAL. WARNING: Be sure to read this manual before firing! This airgun is recommended for ADULT USE. ONLY. Precision adult airguns.

Weihrauch HW77K with the view of purchasing the same. This is the 1st of 4 articles on the. HW77K range and will deal with the calibre. Weihrauch HW77K Under-lever Action Rifle. Some air rifles have been with us for such a long time, and used to such good effect by both hunter. Feed system, manual. Sights, Open sights. The Weihrauch HW 77 (HW for Herman Weihrauch) is an underlever spring-piston air rifle Weihrauch HW png.