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Clomid low amh levels

Hi everyone - background on me - I'm 33 yo TTC ~15 months - all test levels have come back good except the stinger a very low AMH at my. My gyn finally gave us clomid 50mg for cd We have been trying for #2 for over two years. Re told us that my amh level was I am 26 and. AMH has been used as an important biomarker of ovarian activity. In non-PCOS patients, low AMH levels have been used in IVF to indicate diminished ovarian reserve and, according to some studies, lower pregnancy rates. It is unclear whether AMH can be similarly utilized in patients with PCOS.

Mine was all gloom and doom about my AMH level. . it looks like a lot of girls/ women have had tremendous luck with clomid and low AMH!. The FSH level following Clomid indicates how well the woman will respond to fertility drugs and her likelihood of conception, depending on age. In general, an FSH level above 10 indicates a lower-than-average success rate. At a level between 12 and 14, the chances of pregnancy are further reduced. Anyone else with very low AMH have success with just Clomid? #1 TTC74, Feb 20, I think your AMH value is incorrect, but just my guess.

Low AMH levels - posted in Assisted Conception - General: I am 37, and Does Clomid help you produce more eggs in each cycle, or am I. I am 29 years old and was recently diagnosed with low AMH ). All other levels came back normal (fsh 5). My husband and I have been. For women having trouble getting pregnant, low AMH levels could indicate to clomiphene citrate / intrauterine insemination (IUI) or FSH/IUI. I was diagnosed with low AMH ) and low follicles (2 and 3) and FSH normal ( ) today. IVF was recommended but we can't afford it so we chose to d.