by Arashijinn | 12:45

The hour of our time the legacy of william cooper

An insightful and provocative documentary on the life and death of William Cooper, author of the conspiracy book "Behold a Pale Horse," and host of the popular. Surrounding us in our day-to-day lives are mysteries, that to spend our days pondering would paralyze us from leading productive lives. So we turn away fro. The Hour Of The Time: The Legacy Of William Cooper Horse," and host of the popular 90's short-wave radio program "The Hour of Our Time.

That was the message of Bill Cooper. He was a brave man who know what might happen to him and said that he had sealed his own fate by. Revised by director James Jankiewicz for its 10th anniversary, The Hour of Our Time (Redux) offers additional images in a more concise format to better illustrate . William Cooper was a former naval officer, decorated veteran, short wave radio broadcaster and world renowned lecturer and author, he was shot and killed.