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Trainz class 377

hi guys again i have just downloaded the class from railwaves and have put it on trs but how do i get inside announcements please. I'm currently working on a some Class and Class models, so far the Southeastern Class is finished but some Southern and FCC. Class Southern. This is a not very accurate (as usual) model of a Southern Class for people who weren't in time to catch railwaves' much better version.

Download PMS (Pantograph m). Dependencies: BT13 Bogie Plain · Class Horn. WENs original Class 3rd Rail EMU's. Electric Multiple Units. For more 3rd Rail EMUs I have produced some lists on the trainz forums which . Description: The Class s were built by Bombardier to replace the slamdoor. The Class 'Electrostar' is Britain's most common Electric Multiple Unit and a favourite of London commuters, and now you can drive this.

4 Dec - 23 min Time to take a run with the Super Voyager Class! In this video I take a express journey. Freightliner Class 66, Sp&s Northerns, Lner Black Flying Scotsman, Union Pacific Sd45, Sd 70 V2 Volume 2, First Capital Connect Class , Br 4big, Ice 2, .