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10cm korean

10cm (Korean: 십센치) was a South Korean duo. The band consisted of two members: Kwon Jung-yeol and Yoon Cheol-jong. The name of the band, 10 cm, . Kwon Jung-yeol (Hangul: 권정열, born March 1, ), better known by the stage name 10cm (Hangul: 십센치), is a South Korean singer and former member of. Only July 4, Magic Strawberry Sound stated that 10cm's Yoon Cheol Jong will be leaving the group Dear Koreans, take care of yourselves.

I thought the name '10cm' was responsible for doing important things in the Korean music industry, but if it were to just disappear without my. 10cm has sadly announced that one half of the popular indie duo, guitarist On July 4, 10cm's Facebook page posted a message from their agency BTS Shares Their Thoughts As They Become 1st Korean Artist To Hold. Originally a duo, 10cm is now a one-man band, with singer Kwon Jung Yeol deciding to carry on with the name 10cm. In an interview on August 27 with Winners Of The Korea Drama Awards · TV/Film. 2 weeks ago.

Their group name "10cm" is because their heights are 10cm difference. - They are Korean Star Surprises Netizens With Her Revealing Dress!.