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Batsu game english sub

Thread for Hardsubbed p Batsu games from - 3 years ago (2 children). any full english subbed versions of the prison batsu?. Gaki No Tsukai - Kiki Series. Watch the No Laughing Batsu Games. View all . Gaki Archives - The Full Archive of English subbed Gaki No Tsukai episodes. BATSU GAMES. Hour Tag / Onigokko () Watch Here: (ENG SUB) 24 Hour Endurance Tag Part 1 · (ENG SUB) 24 Hour Endurance Tag Part 2.

American Police Batsu /18 – V2 Subs and Hardsubs. Thank you everyone In Batsu Games · Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! · No Laughing. Gaki no Tsukai Subtitles. In Batsu Games · No Laughing American Police ( /); — 20 Aug, American Police Batsu /18 – V2 Subs and. Year, Name of the episode & info, Video link, Subtitled. , History of Batsu Games. Watch it here. Yes. , Gakitanic. Watch it here! Yes. , Hama- chan.

Here are your hardsubs for Science Lab also V2 subs! We would like your opinion on this years Batsu game. time to remind people (especially anons in the chat) that the 'Quality/English Check' stage of the subbing process is NOT[ ].