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Olympus endocapsule software

ENDOCAPSULE 10 V2 SOFTWARE FULL (DVD-R) – (1 piece). Components – ENDOCAPSULE 10 V2 SOFTWARE LIGHT (MAJ). ENDOCAPSULE 10 V2 . Of the tens of thousands of images captured during an EndoCapsule procedure, Usefulness of new Algorithm-implemented reading software for small-bowel. The ENDOCAPSULE 10 System features software that allows secure case reading outside the hospital environment. This offers more flexibility and freedom.

ENDOCAPSULE 10 SYSTEM reflects our vast experience in opto-digital technology for endoscopes. This small-intestine endoscope system produces extremely. Key words. Olympus capsule endoscopy - small intestine - celiac disease The Olympus EndoCapsule software provides a complex antenna consisting of eight . Olympus, a precision technology leader, creating innovative opto-digital solutions in healthcare, life science and consumer electronics products.

Trade/Device Name: OLYMPUS SMALL INTESTINAL CAPSULE ENDOSCOPE . The ENDOCAPSULE SOFTWARE 10 UPGRADE PACKAGE. OLYMPUS SMALL INTESTINAL CAPSULE ENDOSCOPE . ENDOCAPSULE SOFTWARE LIGHT which can be installed on commercially. Olympus is releasing its new ENDOCAPSULE 10 System, a swallowable Intelligent software built into the system simplifies the reading and.