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Qissa puran bhagat

Puran Bhagat was a Punjabi ascetic and Prince of Sailkot. Today he is also worshipped as For the film, see Puran Bhagat (film). Kissa Puran Bhagat. Description, Click here to add description. Keywords, Puran Bhagat, Tale of Puran Bhagat, Heroic Tale, Hindu Mythology, Ladhu Ram, [edit]. Accession Number. Waris Shah's Punjabi Poetry - sung by 28 different singers. Presented by APNA: An organization to promote Punjabi language, literature, culture and harmony.

Semantics of Kissa Pooran Bhagat in. Modern Punjabi Literature. Akshaya Kumar. / TS issa Pooran Bhagat' is 'a local Punjabi variant' of 'original' Greek. On hearing about Pooran Bhagat, she along with the Raja, walked up me Nobody does that to real sons (Qadir yar – Qissa Pooran Bhagat). Punjabi Film | Kissa Puran Bhagat Te Rani Sundra | Puran Chand Yamla | TMC. thumb. Pooran Bhagat - Kuldip Manak. thumb. Kissa Puran Bhagat -: Puran.