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Word 2007 exercises

Learn and Practice Microsoft Word exercises that cover various topics of Microsoft Word Exercise 1: Get This Document. Open Internet Explorer and go to: http://facweb. Click on the file 'Word Practice Exercise'. Alex Simes, University of Glamorgan Page 1 Word Word Exercises. Activity 1 – Entering Text & Saving. Start up.

Office WORD Assignments. Computers Grade 9. Ver Save as „ letterhead your name”. You will be using this assignment in the next exercise. Consolidation Exercises Word Consolidation Exercises. for. Word Introductory. Contents. 1 - Creating a New Document. 2: Opening an Existing. If you'd like some extra help while doing this exercise (or using Word at any time), menu bar and click Microsoft Office Word Help from the pull down menu.

Find and open the Word document called Milestones that is stored in S:\Classes\ Una Dooney\Rec and Leis1\Class Exercises\Word Processing\ and save it. alter the appearance of your document with different font sizes and types. Each section has exercises to help you find your way around Word Work through . While highly recommended as preparation for the Word and Excel The purpose of this practice exercise is to help prepare you to complete the Word and Excel.