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PlayFKiSS b beta. Chad Randall has developed the most advanced KiSS viewer for Windows 95/98/, ME, NT, or XP systems. This bit program has . To view KiSS dolls in Windows, you need to download and install the KiSS doll viewing program PlayFKiSS or DirectKiSS. PlayFkiSS is a KiSS viewer for Windows. It was created by Chad Randall. The viewer can support FkiSS 1, FkiSS 2, FkiSS 3, Cherry KiSS, and Enhanced Palette.

Second, download and install PlayFKiSS b. For the people familiar with Kisekae Set System, I should say, that my games are designed especially for this . Download PlayFKiSS for free. PlayFKiSS is free for personal use aplication. Download viewer PlayFKiSS version beta (~kb). Or, in the unfortunate event that you don't have unzip software or don't know how to use it (oye -_-;).

And excellent and easy to use program is "PlayFKiss" written by Chad Randall. The program makes it possible to load the kiss dolls with no need to unzip them. An anti-technical five-step walkthrough for the total newbie explaining how to cel with WSVC, write the, position with PlayFKiSS and archive with LHA.