by Meztimi | 22:16

Bbc krautrock documentary

Directed by Benjamin Whalley. With Amon Düül II, David Bowie, Can, Holger Czukay. BBC 4 documentary about s German progressive music. Documentary looking at how a radical generation of musicians in bands like Neu! , Can, Faust and Kraftwerk created a new German musical identity out of the. How a radical generation of s and 70s musicians created a new German musical identity.

BBC Four documentary, "Krautrock: The Rebirth of Germany". Focus on German post-War culture & the rise of experimental rock and electronic music in. The documentary was very interesting, and I only really have Tago Mago and Man Machine so it was good to hear more about what Krautrock was, as I can only. Arts Documentary hosted by Ben Whalley, published by BBC in - English Image: