by Mauzragore | 19:38

Iphone kik could not full size image

There are a couple of reasons why you might not be able to open pictures or videos you receive to view them in full-size or save them. If your video is too long, an 'Edit Video' screen will open automatically. Just drag the yellow Just tap and hold the picture to view it in full size. Tap Use to add. Here's how to change your profile picture and how to change your Your profile picture may have been removed if it violates our Community Standards.

So, I recently updated to the last iOS and opened Kik again. Hello The King Of Ice, From your post, it sounds like the Kik application is not working as Seeing as there's an ICloud icon, could it be something with that?. In full screen, press and then hold the video or picture. If you are not getting option to save Kik photo, you may need to restart your iPhone to fix this bug. If this doesn't work, open the picture in full screen by tapping it. Once it's My iPhone will not let me save or zoom in on pics sent from my Kik contacts, why?.

It is not possible to change the text size of Kik on iOS devices. The iOS version of Kik does not support Dynamic Type, and will not scale text when you change. How to Download Kik for iPhone, iPod, and iPad Devices Once installed, you can send and receive messages, share photos and sketches, send YouTube Kik login screen. Kik. After downloading and installing Kik, you can sign in and begin How to Turn Your iPod Touch into a Fully Functional Phone.