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Metin2 lord

It drops a large amount of Yang. It is very hard to kill it,since it stays in a room full of apes which regenerate fast. Respawns every 30 Minutes. Gnoll Lord. Image. Spawns. Gnoll Level. Class. Boss. XP. ​ Bonus. Animals · Earth Resistance No further defense. Lord Location: •[[]]. Items. Weapons. Armours. Bonus? Helms, Shields. Accessories. Others. B Red Dragon Castle Red Dragon Castle.

heyso is it possible to solo kill him here? lvl 80 body, Max monster, devil, critical, grudge 37% but i'm gonna change my weapon soon. Lord Metin2. 32 likes. Metin2 PvP Emek Server Sizleride Ailemizde Görmekten Mutluluk Duyarız!!. ben metin 2 lord başkanı aynı zamanda gm yim lütfen metin 2 oynarken hile kulanmayın kullananlar kendinden utansın. LikeComment. Most Relevant.

Let us all share what quest and what we get as reward in the Lord 1/2/3 Quests. I will start. Lord 1 Quest: Kill 50 Black Generals in Cape Dragon. Lord of Metin2 - free chat without registration. Lord of Metin2. Эшләнешләр. Билгеләнгәннәрен юк итү. Билгеләнгәннәрен банга кую. Билгеләнгәннәрен.