by Kigal | 16:09

Systemmsg-e.dat high five

Hi i need a for a High Five Lowrate server, so it would be nice with on-screen messages like not enough mp, what buffs i recieve and also crits. is that from High Five chronicle? It's possible with editors. There was a topic explaining how to do it on pmfun. For colors. Can someone please upload one? would be nice:).

To edit the chat messages we'll need a tool to encrypt and decrypt your systemsg file. L2 File Editor is such a program. I've attached a. Custom - UPDATED 07/04/download here: iq8O6p download here with DAMAGE TEXT SCREEN. This service is developed to editing system messages yet the game Lineage II High Five. Upload file to start editing

Well bassicaly the the file in the L2 system folder contains the system messages that are displayed when u play l2 like dmg. messages, like activated spoil, dmgs, active skills. etc. you can download it here Enjoy!.