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6731i firmware

i / i Quick Reference Guide. EN · PT i User Guide (Version Text Keypad, pdf) Series SIP Firmware all models SP4 HF9. The Aastra i offers exceptional features in a enterprise grade IP telephone. Software Releases. i SIP SP4 HF8 firmware (V, 03/, zip).

Fixes: Various improvements have been made to the DTMF feature in the SP3 Release. - Users were able to configure invalid VLAN IDs. Fixes: When using the Aastra Clearspan call manager, an audio level issue was observed if the “ring audibly enable” parameter was enabled. Upgrade Firmware on Aastra or Mitel Filename is the model of the phone followed by ".st" (e.g. ""); Download Protocol is HTTP.

Supported Models: Aastra i, i, i, i, i, i, i. Legacy phone Step 1: Download Firmware & Copy to Provisioning Directory. Aastra · Aastra ip · Aastra i · Aastra ip · Aastra i · Aastra · Aastra i · Aastra i · Aastra a · Aastra ip · Aastra. Fill out this web form as follows: Filename: name of firmware image file (we will typically provide this to you); Upgrade type: Firmware; Download Protocol: TFTP . We recently purchased half a dozen Aastra i SIP phones and one mode and reload the firmware from a local FTP/HTTP/etc server. Today we will go over how to factory reset an Aastra IP phone and how to update the firmware on one as well. First, we will need the following.