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Bleach ichigo hollow mask pepakura

28 Apr - 4 min - Uploaded by N1KRAM Pepakura Ichigo full. 11 Dec - 2 min - Uploaded by Coffee Powered Media I decided to make Ichigo's hollow mask from the anime Bleach. You can download the file. The paper model is designed by rexxkentrix. There is another paper craft version of this mask here: Bleach – Ichigo’s Hollow Mask Life Size Papercraft. Ultraman - Life Size Ultraman Tiga Mask for Cosplay Free Papercraft Download.

This papercraft is a super Hollow Ichigo (Zangetsu) Mask, from the Bleach series, the paper model is created by Vyacheslav Zavalin. There is another version. Bleach - Ichigo's Hollow Mask Free Papercraft Download This mask paper craft is designed by Juke. Hollow Ichigo, more properly called The Hollow within. This papercraft is the Hollow Ichigo, based on the manga / game series Bleach. The paper model is designed by rexxkentrix. There are two Ichigo's Hollow mask .

How to make Your Own Bleach Ichigo Hollow Mask (free PDF) - Completed. this project brought to you by PDF single. Lien pour télécharger Model 3D du mask ichigo vastolord: Mask Ichigo Hollow vastolord pepakura. sam | May 24th, That is a great mask of hollow Ichigo plus it will save you at lest $20 lol. works great to finish a Hollow Ichigo cosplay. ^_^b. am | June .