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Equil 2 program

J Urol. Dec;(6) EQUIL2: a BASIC computer program for the calculation of urinary saturation. Werness PG, Brown CM, Smith LH, Finlayson B. Comparison of the Equil2 program and other methods for estimating the ion- activity product of urinary calcium oxalate: a new simplified method is proposed. This program is written in BASIC language making it usable on most of the small, In this presentation, application of EQUIL 2 in the evaluation and treatment of.

Determination of Urine Saturation with Computer Program Equil 2 As a Method for. Estimation of the Risk of Urolithiasis. Danko Miloševic,*,† Danica Batinic,†. A BASIC computer program for the calculation of urinary supersaturation with respect to the common kidney stone components is described. In vitro and in vivo . Equil Note. Save and organize written notes. Edit, enhance, and share them with friends and colleagues. Convert your handwriting to text for easy editing and.

Whiteboarding beyond the surface. Learn More. Real Ink. Real Paper. Real Simple. Learn More. The smarts behind the Smartmarker and Smartpen2. Equil Note. In spite of substantial efforts over the years, it is still not possible to explain in every case why some individuals form kidney stones and others do not. Comparison of the Equil2 Program and Other Methods for. Estimating the Ion- Activity Product of Urinary Calcium Oxalate: A New Simplified.