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Formed in the late 60s, this Moroccan group's repertoire contained self- composed poetry in the Melhoun style set to venerated musical forms. Nass el Ghiwane - what can I say. Like trying to introduce rock and roll in one blog post. They set the world of Maghrebi music on fire in the. Album: Double Best الـــروائــع فــي قــرصــيــن ♪ Artists: Nass El Ghiwane نـــاس الــغــيــوان ♪ Index:

Album: Youm Melkak يـــوم مــلـْقــَــاك ♪ Artists: Nass El Ghiwane نـــاس الــغــيــوان ♪ Index: ♪. Nass El Ghiwane. Nass El Ghiwane - Chants gnawa du maroc (, Morocco) gnawa / berber music. Posted by Slowdive at AM · Email ThisBlogThis!. Nass El Ghiwane MAWAZINE ناس الغيوان avec Saida Fikri et Safy . Recharge DH Fabor, serbi 9bel may3i9o costablancapropertydeals.comot. com/.

Mohamed Boudia a-t-il contribué à la création de Nass El Ghiwane, comme le laisse penser l'autobiographie de son leader? Ce martyr de la cause arabe. This is an old photograph of the band at that concert: http://iphotobucket. com/albums/o/HythamHammer/