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Qt5 static

Note that building and installing a static version of Qt on Windows was somewhat problematic up to Qt 4. But Qt 5 has now a much better  Why a static Qt? - Restrictions in a static - Prerequisites - Building the Qt static. To create such a standalone version of a Qt application all required libraries should be embedded into the application using static linking. Please note that the   Build a static version of Qt - Using Microsoft Visual - Build a static application. To use static linking, Qt must be built with the -static configuration option. configure -commercial -release -static \ -prefix /opt/qt5 -hostprefix $ HOST_PREFIX.

This is a detail guilde how to build the static version of the Qt framework. Static build of Qt allows you to build solid applications which will work without lots of  Linux/Mac OS X - Configure - Usage - Windows. Qt5-MSVC-Static. Set of tools to build Qt5 static libs on Windows. Dependencies. MSVC with WDK /10+ (Community edition works fine); Qt +. configure -opensource -confirm-license -static -platform wing++ -opengl desktop -prefix “C:\Qt\Qt\\mingw53_32_static” -skip.

Enter the following command to configure your Qt build in static mode. . + C:\Qt\ Static\Qtsrc\qtbase\ -top-level -static. A month later I was able to make some progress, not quite where the OP title is, but nonetheless, I am now able to build Qt consistently, in static. By default the Qt5 libraries distributed from are dynamically linked. This means that every Qt app dynamically references and uses the Qt. Building Qt static libraries By default, only dynamic Qt libraries are provided with the official Qt installers. This was also the case in Chapter 1, Introduction to.