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Space invaders 1978

Space Invaders is an arcade game created by Tomohiro Nishikado and released in It was manufactured and sold by Taito in Japan, and licensed in the. Free windows game remake of Space Invaders by James Eibish. Original by Taito in Download and play!. Invaders for DOS is a Space Invaders clone that came out in , pretty much exactly the same as the arcade original.

Space Invaders is one of the most addicting games that was ever made. The idea is very simplistic. You are a space ship who must destroy the invading enemy. Tomohiro Nishikado Space Invaders Not on view. Medium: Video game software; Publisher: Taito Corporation, Japan; Credit: Gift of the Taito Corporation . The object of the game is to shoot the alien invaders and keep them off the ground.