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Tcniso cable modem uncapper

Written for people at all skill levels, Hacking the Cable Modem . the wire, get service before you've activated it, or uncap your modem to get extra bandwidth. Author "DerEngel" and his gang, TCNiSO, have gotten around that. To make Sigma work, uncappers most commonly use a hardware hack developed by TCNiSO that tricks the Surfboard into accepting the. You can pick up these modems on eBay. Alternatively, you can buy a pre- modified modem at TCNiSO or Theoryshare. I recommend TCNiSO.

Hacking the Cable Modem goes inside the device that makes Internet via cable possible and, along the . He currently heads TCNiSO, a group of hackers who have revolutionized reverse . 1) You will get caught if you uncap your modem. 8 Feb - 2 min - Uploaded by GLM AlLfUxKiNgDaYY! update If u don't want to. The group known as TCNiSO has released a very interesting hardware modification for RCA / Thomson cable modems. If you make any changes to the modem by chance and uncap your modem, some fuzzy-logic software.

Around , he set up, a Web-based company devoted To understand how it worked, consider how cable modems function. to uncap the modems by altering these profiles, upping their speeds dramatically. The community offers tips and tools on how to clone the Mac address of paying cable customers to get free service, or how to uncap the modem. How do we uncap it? Simple. We'll download the docsis config file, edit it to change the cap parameters, then trick the cable modem in thinking our PC is the .