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3ntini tattoo

The 3ntini publishing house was established in with its first comic strip and music title Nuvola Bianca. It has always focused on publications with a high. Roses, lotus flowers, daisies, peonies, chrysanthemums, lilies and other flowers. Not only for girls over tattoo designs just for you! In this special edition we. 64 pages, 21x28 cm, various artists. new drawings, the latest trends in tattoo art! Feminine tattoos for girls of all ages: from flowers and butterflies to little.

64 pages, 21x28 cm. Over tattoo designs in the most contemporary and alternative styles: dotwork, red & black, black & grey and colour. The sacred. Contemporary & avant-garde. All the latest trends in tattoo art! Minimal art, geometric designs, sacred geometry, symbols, arrows, geometric animals and origami. 82 pages, tattoo flashes, various artists Pets, foxes, wolves, chandelier tattoos, geometric designs, flowers, sweets, small tattoos and minimal art, the moon.

64 pages, colour tattoo photos. contemporary ideas for your next tattoo! The new trends in the art of tattoos, the most recent and the most spectacular. 64 pages, colour tattoo photos. The latest trends carried out in dotwork style: geometric motifs, hearts, mandalas, tattoo on hands, flowers, roses, arrows and. 64 pages, colour tattoo photos. contemporary ideas and the most popular body positions! Ear, neck, nape, hand, fingers, wrist, arm, shoulder, chest, foot.