by Akilabar | 12:26

Ahk auto clicker

Hello. I need an auto clicker script that clicks about 12 cps and is toggled using ctrl+z. Also I want the auto clicker to work even if my mouse is. Source # This is a new 5-line autoclicker made possible with the release of AHK Very simple AHK autoclicker. Status: Undetectable How to use: Download Autohotkey. Right click desktop, hover your mouse over new, and click AutoHotKey.

The topic of autoclickers comes up quite often in the AHK world, including this I thought I would share my own autoclicker function anyway. click_random(x, y, range = 2) { Random, rand, -%range%, %range% x:= x + rand Random, rand, -%range%, %range%. Originally Posted by qmwr Thanks for the script, works for me but I have to tweak all the mouse coordinates to my resolution. One more thing.

I'm using AutoHotKey to auto-click in Roblox, as many of the games are simple clicker games. This works fine if I use the regular Click or.