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Asx fundamental data

We provide real-time, objective market information to market professionals and distributors – including data vendors, newspapers or web portals, investors and. ASX Fundamental data. Australian stock market traders who are interested in building a fundamental database can use this item to download historical fundamental data. eps: Earnings divided by the number of outstanding shares (Earnings per Share). Download (in Excel) all market data. Commodities, S&P/ASX indices, fundamentals, GICS Sectors and Short Sale List for all ASX companies.

Santosh Gupta, Trading product, ASX, Financial data. Updated May 11, You can get quality data from homepage - Dion who provides quality fundamental. I am doing a bit research on the ASX stocks, it is quite important to know each company's fundamental data, i.e. Net Income, Dividend, Gross. HelloI have searched high and low for ASX data providers who provide historical EPS and Dividend figures. I can access End of Day stock.

As many on this forum, I am trying to enhance my work with fundamental data of ASX listed companies (read: avoid the bloody manual. In the past I have done most of my fundamental stock analysis using data from (in Company annual reports (accessed through my broker's website or the ASX. Fundamental and forecast data is sourced from Thomson Reuters and time, Skaffold's automated engine pulls in the latest data for every ASX company. Morningstar Australia has some basic data, including historical balance sheet data for all ASX companies, as well as a simple stock screener.