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check_winevent is a Nagios plugin to monitor event logs on the local Windows system. You can filter events based on time, code, type and source. Negation is. nsclient++ can run filters against windows event logs natively. Do you have a particular reason you wish to use this other plugin instead?. Now I am trying to monitor the event logs of windows server with the help of Nagios by adding check_winevent I have run this exe file on.

Monitoring the event-log is a single command away in the form of check_eventlog. The default command will monitor the application/system/ security logs which  Samples - Queries - check_eventlog - Configuration. Issue and Steps to Reproduce Describe your issue and tell us how to reproduce it. Hi, I see that is possible filter with provider+id. But in my. define command { command_name event_audit_failures command_line $ USER1$/check_winevent --log security --type “audit failure” --critical.

rigan, will check_winevent check a remote windows host? I am not seeing the argument in the command to specify a hostaddress. Check WMI Plus · Many, many agentless Windows checks using WMI. No need for any software installs on Windows. Monitor. How to repair file Original file to replace broken file