by Shaktigul | 14:14

Petz 5 items

Okay, I'm not going to type all of the items that are in this game cus theres ALOT. But if you look at the top left corner of the screen you need to. The Petz 5 Wiki is a fun, collaberative site where you can find, read and edit articles about Petz 5! It is a comprehensive database that you can work on for Petz 5 enthusiasts! Maybe you've wondered about the Breedz or clothes in Petz 5. 13 Nov - 5 min - Uploaded by HazelGirl Online I had this Glitch and I wanted to help anyone who has this glitch fix it! Here's the link to Tinker.

I've been wondering this for a while. For all these months of playing Petz 5, I've worked hard on gaining new toys and food bowls for my Petz. You can find the item at random by playing games with your dogs. Try the Arabian area's scarab game. It's easy, quick, and you'll get new items really fast. What happened with the Toyz room? I am used to play Catz 4, and there were 2 rooms, for clothing and for toyz. Now I know where the.

how i desperatly want to add some downloaded toys to my suitcase but i'll have to work to get them first (i dont like working!) is there a way to. Download the Trough for Petz 5 Download the Feed Pail for Petz 5 . *Please note that Petz does not allow toys to be placed on top of one another, so while. Clothez/Toyz. These are for Petz 5 only. I have only dabbled in hexing clothes, so don't expect gold. They look like the pictures though. Clothes need to be.