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rylCoder Author: AlphA Tester: MorbidA Embedded gsfStructure: MorbidA FischR/Raphael New features: ryl 1 mcf files are. Must first open the RYLCoder, and press File and Open, search file name Script. mcf in RYL Files. have been met, double click it and delete files RylNation (5. RYL1 Coder: Utk ryl1 jew m aku ade edit sikit http://rapidshare. com/files// Rylcoder Author: AlphA.

Add Monster In Other Map Using RYLCoder With ScreenShot. How To Use? 1:) Open RYL Coder & Load Your Row scripts uses different type of scripts. you need to use this rylcoder. http://www RYL2 Gods Of. First..U Need RYL Coder.. Follow My Steps:D 1. Image 2. Image 3. Image 4. Image After that.

i cannot open file ryl1 server i have rylCoder cannot open file help me please.