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Far cry 3 mission 27 doppelganger

Doppelganger - Far Cry 3: Doppelganger Mission Number 30 Previous Mission Three Blind Mice Following Mission Triple Decker Rewards. Find an alternate route into the dock it says. This path is too dangerous Jason says. I'm literally so stuck it hurts. I've seen that mission failed. Go to the mission location. Distract the first guard by tossing stone. For this one, just follow behind him. Avoid the enemies and use the right path. Tag enemies.

Doppelganger is the twenty-ninth mission of Far Cry 3. Sam devises a plan to disguise Jason as one of the privateer recruits to be able to get close to Hoyt. After you've talked to Sam go to the designated area. Approach the guard shown in the screenshot. Toss a stone and lure him away from the Docks descent. This mission has completely glitched itself out for me and is currently Have maps to share from any Far Cry games or questions about the map editor? Stop by Release Date: March 27, ; Developer: Ubisoft Montreal.