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Hi res album art

High Quality Album Artwork / CD Artwork. scanned and edited album cover art, for those of us who are ridiculously obsessive about such things. Read the. I've added these in addition to incorporating album artwork and app icons The high resolution can be anything; I've found instances of movie. Nowadays I, like most people, want to enjoy album art as a part of the whole album experience. I want high quality album art and I want it part of.

You may think that software media players like iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc., can find and download all the album art you need for your. I became obsessed as I updated each and every song that I had included in my iTunes library to have the best looking, high resolution artwork that I could get. Yes this would be useful. Occasionally I find there's no better source for high resolution art with some albums than the website of the artist that.

Can you please do an update to get the high-res album art from iTunes? When clicking on "view artwork in new tab", it only shows the low-res. I'm looking to get a high resolution scan of an album cover so that i can enlarge it and print it on canvas to be hung. Have any of you done. ENDS IN. Kindle Paperwhite E-reader - Black, 6" High-Resolution $ $ Largest CD Covers & Album Artwork for iTunes Search Engine! Find high quality cd covers that are iTunes ready for you ipod and iphone. Search by Artist.