by Maurn | 23:00

Hobbit 48 fps trailer

I never got a chance to see The Hobbit Trilogy in 48FPS due to my cinema I saw some trailers online for each of the movies in 48FPS, but I. LOS ANGELES — The first time Peter Jackson presented footage from The Hobbit at 48 frames per second, most hissed that they hatesss it. The site above took the 24 fps trailer and tweaked it essentially doubling the speed of the .

The Hobbit director reveals negative reaction to 48fps version of An Unexpected Journey led him to make higher frame rate edition of sequel. Peter Jackson, a terrifically talented film maker and pioneer of new cinema technology, has given the world of cinema a very important, and. The Hobbit Trailer Motion Smoothed for HFR simulation. Until December or Peter Jackson releases a 48fps official trailer. Here's The Hobbit.