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Practo ray app

Practo Pro is the new dawn in healthcare - an extremely powerful app for doctors Practo Ray: A powerful and easy-to-use Practice Management Software to. Download Practo Pro App Now. Download the free Practo Pro app. Practo Do I need a subscription of Practo Reach/Practo Ray to use Practo Health Feed?. Practo Ray's appointment reminders dropped no-shows by over 70% by sending reminder . A powerful app that lets you manage and grow your practice.

Take a FREE trial of Practo Ray software and learn how to run a paperless clinic. You need to download & Run the application. It will assign you an ID and a. records, read health tips. Download the app Now. Receive the app download link on your phone. Your home for health Ray by Practo · Practo Reach. China-based medical app maker Quyi raises $40M; Practo acquires Insta Health. By Aditi Pai. September 14, Share. Practo Ray Two important, but.

INDIAN app developer Practo Pte. Ltd. announced on November 12 it has rolled out its Search and Ray apps in the country. According to Varun. Practo Ray, a SAAS software was launched with an aim to simplify Practo App for Doctors has three offerings; Practo Consult, Practo Health. Practo is also launching Practo Ray – the cloud-based practice management solution of choice for tens of thousands of doctors and clinics.