by Bralabar | 09:46

Update grub suse 11

I've just installed Opensuse I've just edited my /etc/default/grub file to shorten the timeout, i then attempted to update it with, update-grub. Hi, i have a system with SLES 11 SP4 64bit. some missing files in the /boot/ grub directory: Perl-Bootloader: pbl FileIO:: ReadFile Error: Failed to So i'm not sure if the update removed it. This file translates device names from the GRUB and BIOS notation to Linux device names. /etc/grub. .. NOTE: Boot loader Configuration after a Kernel Update.

OpenSuse Code: [email protected]:~> sudo update-grub sudo: update-grub : command not found Am I missing some point here?. Edit /etc/default/grub to add kernel parameters and then do grub2-mkconfig -o / boot/grub2/ to update grub. Edit: I just noticed that you. 9 Jul - 7 min - Uploaded by Pluralsight Working With GRUB in SUSE Linux In this free excerpt from his Linux Installation and.

16 Nov - 1 min - Uploaded by Geeko Tutorials In the video we change it from openSUSE to Windows 7, to change what operating system. GRUB offers the possibility to find the location of the kernel and initrd before booting. on each boot, so there is no need to update GRUB when the file has been modified. . The first entry (title linux) is responsible for booting SUSE LINUX. Kubuntu, Linux Mint and Opensuse (after update-grub) now show the full Fedora command line. But update-grub in Fedora changes back to.