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Age of empires 3 unit and building editor

i think this is a bug but i do everything the readme tells me to do but when i try to press save after im done editing it wont work. xmen. File Author. V2 is fast, have more subtances and lots of new features. Rating: Only one concept, You have to download every time to use. Additional Comments: This is very good for map makers for.

Edit Hitpoints, Limits, Resources etc of any unit and building in some and change C:\Program\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\data\proto. This is an update to the Units and Building Editor mod. This New AoE3 Editor contains more than additional or new features for the This mod will add over new objects including all HC buildings and units.

The Scenario Editor in Age of Empires III builds off its predecessor and includes All; Units (Infantry, Cav, Heroes, navy); Buildings (All buildings including.