by JoJozil | 18:38

Free  driver for umax astra 4100 scanner

hai sir i am Ravi teja. i purchased umax astra there is a no drivers of scaner send the scanner driver software. USB Scanner (Astra ) Driver only for Windows XP Home/Pro, Works Perfectly and the driver is Digitaliy Signed by Microsoft Windows Hardware. I want driver For UMAX Astra Scanner for WIN7.

My Umax Astra driver couldn't support on Win What should i do? Is there any software or anything that can help me to use my scanner back.. I really need i saw some programs at one called vueScan is suspose to work. free trail I want driver For UMAX Astra Scanner for WIN7. Please email your question to our support team. [email protected] All UMAX Astra scanners have been discontinued over 10 years and there is no driver. I was find in every url but i cant find driver for my scanner,,merk UMAX Astra . please give me the best link downloader and its

Free Download - Automatic scan for the official Umax Astra Usb Driver - compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. how can i get my UMAX Astra driver Umax said on its website that the Astra series of scanners are not supported for Windows Vista/7. Do let me know if.