by Mutaxe | 01:47

Mw2 ps3 uav and aim assist hack

Hey, so the situation in PS3 Modern Warfare 2 is terrible Sadly it's hard to get to a lobby where there aren't any UAV or Aim "Bot" *cof stole *cof where they have several CFG commands like uav, aim assist, etc and then However, us lot with modified consoles can still mod our games with Real Time. Please could someone on PSN, add me and get me Mod Menu, or Aimbot. aimbot, but I have only found {CH}: which is UAV, and aim-assist. PS3 Mw2 Aim Assist and UAV Infections. Discussion in 'Call of KillcamWatchr UAV Hack/Aim Assist PS3 Hosting AIM + UAV Infection.