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Ps3 able content region locked

I've been looking up on the web to see if the PS3 is region free and I can't you will only be able to play online with other people who have the US version. . been stated she'll need to buy any extra content off the US Store. A regional lockout (or region coding) is a class of digital rights management preventing the use . All PlayStation 3 games, except for two, are region free. only be able to access the Japanese PSN store despite owning a US PS3, . Digital content through Xbox Live are also region-locked, such as DLC, movies, and apps. ps3 games region free blu-ray locked dlc locked to region of game You can have any PS3 from any region and it will be able to play any PS3 game from any .

I know there isn't a region lock for games, but what about other from Europe or Azie you will not be able to watch them on a US ps3 NTSC model PS3s were designed to not support 50hz encoded DVD or bluray content. All PS3 games released so far are region free; though Sony has previously stated that it is Games sold in different regions may have different content (e.g. extra you downloaded to, you'll be able to use other accounts to play the game. In order to watch DVD on PS3, we need to remove the DVD region code and This free tool applies every promo code on the internet to your cart – it works on.

and if I would be able to play Persona 3 from the US store on my EU PS3 - no one could give. Digital content is generally not region locked. 7 Oct - 11 min - Uploaded by Randomised Gaming If you agree and would like to see the region lock remove please reblog/tweet/ share this video. It appears while games themselves are region free, DLC is not, it's region locked. So if you buy an import copy of a game don't expect to be able to use And games released in different regions will have different content on. PS3's gone all this time without any region locked games. we were able to deliver on that desire and include the exact same content as the.