by Bragor | 07:34

Ssp ghost

What is an Ukagaka/Ghost, you may be wondering? An Ukagaka . She's the default Ghost that comes with SSP, if you're curious. Right-click. When you use "Ghost", It is nessasery to use baseware. You can choice some plat form baseware but "SSP" is the best. Because SSP can run almost ghosts. Ukagaka (伺か), Nanika (何か), Sakura (さくら), Nin'i-tan (任意たん) or Nise- Haruna (偽春菜) is a SSP, a popular Ukagaka program for Windows; Nanika Ghost Center, a database of 'ghosts'; Niseringo, an Ukagaka program for Mac OS X.

Sans is an Ukagaka, or a Ghost. The program he runs on is SSP, which I learned how to code and design Sans on at this LOVELY WEBSITE!!! WHAT SANS. Here is the general walkthrough page for how to make a Ghost (also known Macs - Ukagaka on Macs, NiseRingo, PlayonMac+SSP ( or. This page was last modified on 10 November , at This page has been accessed times. Privacy policy · About Ghost Trappers Wiki · Disclaimers.