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Uh-60 blackhawk fsx

Even though I'm no longer associated with the Blackhawk, when offered the opportunity to review Cera's UHL for FSX, I was too curious to. UH BlackHawk Package Inclusive. Troop Transport/Standard/Auxillary Fuel tanks With VC modified for FSX, additional sounds, hover gauge included making . how did you get the cera uh 60 to work with the steem edition? im.

The UH Black Hawk, developed by Sikorsky, is a utility tactical transport Optional GPS-equipped versions: Reality XP GNS or FSX default GPS. I have been looking for a blackhawk or variation closer to the Sikorsky UH than that of the aegean hawk. can anyone direct me? [/u]. UHJ_Rescue_japan_navy. FSX ; FS UHJ Rescue Japan Navy Real repaint of rescue version, of japan navy, for Jordan Moore's Blackhawk.

The UH Black Hawk developed by Sikorsky is a utility tactical GPS Reality XP GNS or FSX default GPS Choose the installer before.