by Kelmaran | 05:04

Core configurator msi

I would like to introduce you to Two GUI tools for Windows Server Core. You probably know and tested the v of the Core Configurator tool. Core Configurator (x64). We are pleased to announce the latest version of Core Configurator built and designed for Windows Server R2 x64 Core. A few days ago, Microsoft's Open Source tool Core Configurator was released. It allows you to manage Server Core with a nice GUI.

An open source project hosted on Microsoft CodePlex, version of the Core Configurator is tailored specifically to the latest iteration of the. Free Download Windows Server Core Configurator - This tool will help anyone wanting to setup all flavour of Windows Server Core. Core Configurator is a GUI-based tool (written in PowerShell) designed to speed up Windows R2 Server Core installations and administration. So how.

Use graphic interface to configure Windows server core Core Configurator by Smart-X is another tool in the sys admin toolbox, helping. Core Configurator greatly eases the process of deploying Windows Server in a Server Core environment. As a follow up to my previous post regarding all the free tools and services that Microsoft offers, people should be aware of CodePlex and some.