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Subnautica v1090

Note: These updates have not been implemented into Subnautica, and changes, such as the release date are bound to happen. All information is taken from. Hi everyone! Today we released a miniscule update to Subnautica on Steam. This update stops Windows Defender from identifying Subnautica as malware. For Subnautica on the PC, GameFAQs has 20 cheat codes and secrets.

There's no such thing as an in-game Subnautica map, and even the really smart fish haven't figured out how Coordinates: , , This translucent lobster caught in Maine. , 1dy, interestingasfuck, a translucent lobster caught off the coast of Maine., , 8. This thread is to share your personal story about the scariest or biggest jump scare you had while playing subnautica.

G'day everyone! I've smashed together this guide to some of the ways in which you can give feedback to the Subnautica development team. The deepest SCUBA dive ever was feet. Without an atmospheric dive suit that is about as far down as you can go. Human crush depth?.