by Taum | 03:44

Ze_predator_ultimate v2

ONLY IN VERSION V2 (THIS VERSION) Go into the devroom (small room in middle of the map) to see the ZE_PREDATOR_ULTIMATE CONTEST RESULTS. ze_Predator_Ultimate is a zombie escape map developed by Luffaren, (v2) (v3 ), January 31, May 2, September 18, bsp file size, (v3). Here is a list of imporant information that you SHOULD know before playing this map: There are always 3 spawns at the beginning of each round which are in 2.

Download ze_predator_ultimate v2. CRC: 6df1bd8ab04cdae7d1bf03d2ddd 0_f_83cef6e7_orig ยท Download ze_predator_ultimate v2 [ ,4 MB].